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The Longing for Less

My debut nonfiction book, The Longing for Less: Living with Minimalism, will be published by Bloomsbury on January 21, 2020. Please pre-order it on any one of these websites:

Bloomsbury / Amazon / Indiebound / Barnes and Noble / Books-a-Million 

The Longing for Less deconstructs the contemporary fascination with minimalism, analyzing the Marie Kondo cleaning boom and austere Instagram aesthetics as well as uncovering the roots of our fascination with absence in art, architecture, music, and philosophy.

It’s a history told through the stories of the people who practiced minimalism, from artists like Agnes Martin and Donald Judd to the composer John Cage and the Japanese novelist Junichiro Tanizaki.

If you’re an editor, journalist, or critic wanting to cover the book, please contact Sara Mercurio at Bloomsbury. Non-U.S. publishers can contact Caroline Eisenmann at Frances Goldin Agency.

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Selected Writing



— Group Therapy for the End of the World, on a climate-change retreat in rural Sweden (Garage Magazine, 2018)

The World Is Your Office, on digital nomads and the startup Roam (NYT Magazine, 2018)

The Rise of Left Media, on Current Affairs magazine and leftist publications (The Ringer, 2017)

— Future Agency, on design studios that imagine and create futuristic experiences (The Verge, 2017)

— The Library of Last Resort, on the Library of Congress’s failure to adapt to the internet (n+1, 2016)

— Utopia, on a reality TV show that tried to create a perfect society (Matter, 2014)

— Wow This Is Doge, on finding the birth of an internet meme (The Verge, 2013)

* * *


— In the Shadow of the CMS, on media companies selling their own software (The Nation, 2019)

— Style Is an Algorithm, on taste and technology (Vox, 2018)

— Crypto-Luxury, on digital currencies as the latest high-end consumer good (Garage, 2018)

— A Japanese Philosopher in Pre-War Paris, on Kuki Shuzo (Affidavit, 2017)

The Grays of Our Lives, on the aesthetics of gray clothing (Racked, 2017)

Reign, Supreme, on the streetwear brand and cultural meme (Racked, 2017)

— Playing House, on Airbnb and fantasy lives (Curbed, 2016)

Welcome to AirSpace, on the generic spaces and places created by digital technology (The Verge, 2016)

— Living on a Prayer, on defunct churches being converted into hipster condos (Curbed, 2016)

— The Oppressive Gospel of Minimalism, on the trendy misuse of the word (NYT Magazine, 2016)

— The Design of Fake News, on the ways Google and Facebook disguise shoddy websites (The Verge, 2016)

— Right Now, Forever, on the eternal presentness of 21st-century art (Hazlitt, 2015)

— Babes at the Museum, on my life in figure drawing (Adult magazine, 2014)

— The Afterlife of Memes, on Doge and the strange persistence of virtual fame (Matter, 2014)

* * *


— Longform

— The Digital Human

— North Star


— The Decisive Moment, on Artforum and David Velasco (Columbia Journalism Review, 2019)

— All-Day Cafes, on restaurant designers The MP Shift (T magazine, 2018)

Be Happy with Less, on The Minimalists bloggers and podcasters (The Cut, 2017)

Startup Investing for Sport & Profit, on the VC investor Jeff Jordan (The Ringer, 2017)

— New York’s Renaissance Man, on Julian Schnabel (Port magazine, 2017)

The Last Lifestyle Magazine, on Kinfolk and Nathan Williams (Racked, 2016)

— Tomi Lahren Has Some Thoughts, on the far-right pundit and social media personality (The Ringer, 2016)

— Joshua Cohen Is Not Online, on the novelist’s exploration of tech (Rolling Stone, 2015)

— Uber for Janitors, on Managed by Q, whose contract cleaners have employee rights (Bloomberg, 2015)

— The Apartment Sharing Economy, on the coliving startup Common (Bloomberg, 2015)

— Coworking & Rock Climbing, on Brooklyn Boulder’s definition of work-life balance (Bloomberg, 2015)

* * *


— Air Mail, on Graydon Carter’s email newsletter venture (The Nation, 2019)

— Tidying Up, on Marie’s Kondo’s Netflix reality show about cleaning house (The New Republic, 2019)

— The Tale of Genji, on an exhibition of art inspired by the novel at the Metropolitan (The New Republic, 2019)

— The Brand Builder, on the architect Bjarke Ingels (The New Republic, 2018)

— Nowhere Mag, on Monocle (The New Republic, 2017)

— Dronestagrams, on a book of photography taken using drones (The New Republic, 2017)

* * *


— George W.S. Trow & Social Media, on how the writer’s criticism relates to the internet (The Nation, 2019)

— Engineering the End of Fashion, on LOT2046 and fashion without choice (Ssense, 2018)

— Conversation Pits Make a Comeback, on furniture and socializing (Curbed, 2017)

— Deconstructing Selfies, on the painter Matthew Miller (Hazlitt, 2014)

* * *


— Patrick Li (Ssense, 2019)

— Geoff Dyer (Hazlitt, 2016)

Edmund de Waal (Hazlitt, 2015)